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Written by Ir. Chen Thiam Leong   
Tuesday, 23 October 2012
  1. Form G1 – Earthwork:

    For a project with multiple phases, can the SP submit only ONE (1) Form G1 for all the phases? This is because there is only 1 approval for earthworks and the overall earthwork is carried out in one single contract which is completed before the building construction of the other phases. Also which project title should be used? Should it be the building plan title for each and every phase and not the overall D.O. approval title?

    Need to submit Form G1 only once under Phase 1 development. For subsequent phases, insert Phase 1 EW approval reference no. and PSP to certify “Not Applicable” on the respective Form G1.

    The project title shall be the approved BP title for each phase.

  2. Form G3 – Foundation:

    Do we need to submit separate Form G3’s for structural elements such as piling, raft foundation, pile cap, etc.?

    Submit separate Form G3’s in accordance with the Contract’s scope of work. If piling and pile cap is constructed by Contractor A while the raft foundation is by Contractor B, then submit 2 separate Form G3’s.

  3. Form G4 – Structural:

    Do we need to submit separate Form G4 for roof, basement, steel structure, and post tensioning beam; especially when there are alternative designs by others?

    Submit separate Form G4’s only if there are different SP’s involved.

  4. My project has a tunnel leading to the site, which Form G is applicable?

    Form G17 as this constitutes access to the development.

  5. My project has a pumping station, which Form G is applicable, as there is no such specific Form for pumping station? Pumping station involves civil and structural works as well as mechanical works, thereby involving 2 professional engineers. Are both required to sign on the Form?

    Pumping station for water is under Form G13 and for sewerage under Form G15. Forms are to be signed by Civil Engineer.

  6. Which Form G covers Retaining wall design?

    Form G4

  7. G13 – External water supply, G14 – Sewerage reticulation, G17 – Road and Drainage, G19 – Main Drain:

    A project has multi phases, but the external works has been completed for the overall scheme. Do I need to submit Forms G13, G14, G17 and G19 for each phase? If yes, which title should be used for these Form G’s?

    Need to submit Form G13, G14, G17 and G19 only once under Phase 1 development. For subsequent phases, insert Phase 1 approval reference nos. for the respective works and PSP to certify “Not Applicable” on the respective Form G13, G14, G17 and G19.

    The project title shall be the approved BP title for each phase.

  8. A project is awarded to a Main Contractor, but most of the infrastructure works, water reticulation, sewerage reticulation, road and drainage works are then sub-contracted to trade contractors. If the trade contractors sign on the relevant Form G’s, does that mean the main contractor will be excused from responsibility?

    Trade contractors who sign the Form G's are responsible and liable for that portion of works constructed. However, they must be registered with CIDB and other relevant bodies, where applicable. Contractually, the main contractor remains responsible to the owner.

  9. This particular development is next to a highway, where we need to submit Road and Drainage to LLM for approval. Do we need a clearance letter from LLM before we can sign off and issue the Form G? (Apart from Local council’s clearance letter)

    Confirmation letter from LLM is not required to sign off and issue Form G. Letters of Confirmation for Form G17 are required from the local authority and JKR if the work constructed falls under both authorities or from either authority depending on the jurisdiction the work falls under.

  10. If a project is under Phase 1 of a large development, but the basement construction is completed for the overall project, which title should we fill in for Form G4, BP title for Phase 1 or overall project?

    Submit Form G4 under Phase 1 BP title and certify “Not Applicable” for other phases where applicable.

  11. A Sewage Treatment Plant involves civil and structural works, M&E, chemical and biological process. Who shall be responsible for the design - civil, mechanical, process engineer or chemical engineer?

    The SP for the STP shall be responsible.

  12. Which Form G to use to certify completion of reservoir and water tank?

    Use Form G13 - external water reticulation.

  13. Which reference no. to use for Form G4?

    List all the relevant reference nos.

  14. Where a Form G is not applicable, for example no STP is required, who should sign Form G15?

    The PSP.

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