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Friday, 07 April 2006
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[9.0] The Professional Rules and Practice of the Association have been drawn up with the object of defining the qualifications and duties of a Consulting Engineer and his relations to his clients and of setting up a standard of accepted professional practice. They form a basis for agreement between a Consulting Engineer and his clients, and include Scales of Fees which members are entitled to charge to for various classes of work. Where these scales are not applicable, members are free to make their own arrangements with clients, in which cases the fees will depend partly on the professional standing of the member approached.

[10.1] No person shall qualify for Membership of the Association unless he is in practice in Malaysia as a Consulting Engineer either individually or as a partner or consultant of a firm of Consulting Engineers in Malaysia or as a Director or Shareholder of a company in Malaysia whose Memorandum of Association restricts its activities to those permitted to Members of the Association. The term consultant used above shall mean a consultant normally remunerated by fees and retainers and shall exclude salaried full-time employees.

[10.2] No person shall be qualified for Membership of the Association if he shall be a director, managing director, or employee of any company carrying on any contracting or manufacturing business dealing with the class of work to which his practice relates, nor a partner in any firm carrying on such business, or an agent for any company, firm, or person carrying on such business unless such business are approved by BEM or other relevant regulatory bodies. Provided that Council shall have absolute discretion to grant and review from time to time exemption to any person from any or all of the above provisions if Council deems that such exemption is in the interest of the Nation or the Association.

[10.3] No person shall be elected to Membership of the Association unless he shall be of such standing and experience as in the opinion of the Council qualifies him to be a Member of the Association.

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Mon, Oct 21st, 2019, @9:00am
Induction Course for New C&S Engineers

ACEM Gold Award 2019
The ACEM Gold Award is a special award to recognise, honour and celebrate a member of ACEM, whether past or present, who has made significant contributions to the advancement and development of the engineering consultancy industry in the country. It is the highest Award that the Association can bestow upon an Engineer.
ACEM Engineering Awards 2019

ACEM 18th Engineering Awards was held in conjuction with the ACEM 56th Anniversary Dinner. The Panel of Judges for this year’s competition comprised representatives from:

The ACEM-AON-Zurich Structured Engineers Professional Liability Programme

The ACEM-AON-Zurich Structured Engineers Professional Liability Programme was launched by the ACEM President on 3 April 2014.

The programme offers reasonable PI coverage at a competitive rate. Member firms of ACEM are eligible for a 10% discount on the premium chargeable.

Interested members may contact the ACEM Secretariat or AON (contact persons and nos. are given in the proposal form) for clarification or more information.

(Click here to download Proposal Form)

(Click here to download Renewal Proposal Form)

P. Ganendra Scholarship
The Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM) invites qualified applicants for education sponsorship to pursue an undergraduate course in engineering at a local university recognized by the Board of Engineers, Malaysia.
Malaysia’s Green Building Index
Malaysia’s Green Building Index was introduced on 3 January 2009, at the Green Design Forum organized by the Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM). A preview of the Green Building Index for Non-residential and Residential buildings were presented by Ir. Chen Thiam Leong and Ar. Chan Seong Aun respectively. These presentations are available for download at www.greenbuildingindex.org.
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